Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tony Chestnut

Tony Chestnut
Tony Chestnut knows I love you.
Tony knows. (Tony knows.)
Tony Chestnut know I love you.
That's what Tony knows.
Tony, Tony and his sister Eileen.
And Eileen loves Neil and Neil loves Pat,
but Pat still loves Bob.
And there's Russell and Skip.
This song is silly, but it's hip.
How it ends, just one man knows.
And guess what, it's Tony Chestnut.


  1. Too-Dee-Tah

    A too-dee-tah,a too-dee-tah, a too-dee-tah-tah
    A too-dee-tah, a too-dee-tah, a too-dee-tah-tah is the chorus. The actions in order are:

    Thumbs up, elbows back, feet apart, knees together, bottums up, tongue out, eyes shut, turn around.

    You add on the movements one at a time with the Too-Tee-Tah chorus repeated after an action is added.

  2. The preschool has the song Tony Chestnut on CD. Maybe we can get a copy of it from them. It quickly becomes a favorite among children.

  3. ...from Lisa (moved from being a post to a comment).

    Can't believe you found the video of Tony Chestnut. Way too cute. Gotta love Youtube.

  4. The song, Tony Chestnut, is by children's recording artists, The Learning Station. Our website has a beautifully illustrated printable that contains all of the lyrics and movements:

    Also, we have just released, "The Book About Tony Chestnut" and it can be previewed online at:

    Free song samples, song downloads, activity sheets are available at: